23 Лис 2022

Partners of Kyiv Investment Forum 2022

ABRAMOVYCH.ART is a guide to the world of art for everyone who wants to join it.

ATLAS FESTIVAL is one of the biggest European festivals

Hotel Amigo: Five Star Luxury Hotel in Brussels

BECI - Brussels Chamber of Commerce and Industry, accommodating over 35,000 businesses in the capital region.

The Brussels-Capital Region asserts its unique personality: a territory in which speakers of French and Dutch live together, alongside nationals of many other countries.

Casa Clara wines are the result of a true passion for wine, of years of experience and a deep knowledge of the region.

The College of Europe, established on the initiative of the Hague Congress, dates back to 1949 and is the oldest postgraduate institute of European studies.

Eurocities is a network of large cities in Europe, established in 1986 by the mayors of six large cities: Barcelona, Birmingham, Frankfurt, Lyon, Milan and Rotterdam.

EU's diplomatic academy aims to make EU foreign policy more coherent and effective, thus increasing Europe's global influence.

Farmak is a leader in the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine.

Gradus Research. Worldwide online and smartphone surveys

Hub.brussels. Supporting an economy with a positive impact on society in Brussels.

Impact Force - the Ukrainian NGO focussed on social behaviour change, lasting social impact, creating economic opportunities and taking action for the common good.

LCF Law Group is a leader on the Ukrainian legal market for over 10 years.

Press Club Brussels Europe is a joint initiative of the Associations of International Journalists based in Brussels and the Brussels-Capital Region.