Philippe Leroy

Director-General of CHU Saint-Pierrre hospital Brussels

Philippe Leroy, CEO of Saint-Pierre University Hospital, Brussels

In 2018, Philippe joined Saint-Pierre University Hospital (300 M€ turnover, 3200 staff, 600 beds) as CEO. He focused first on financial turnaround to get back to break-even, and on implementing a new executive governance model. Philippe led the hospital (national reference center for infectious respiratory diseases) through the COVID crisis. He then completed a 3-year strategic plan to develop medical activities, partnerships and financial efficiency.   

Prior to joining Saint-Pierre Hospital, Philippe worked for The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) from 2011 to 2018, where he mostly focused on healthcare, serving clients in the providers, pharmaceuticals and med tech sectors. Philippe specialized in large transformation and turnaround programs for leading European hospitals. He worked for 15+ hospital clients on strategic, financial, and efficiency improvement topics.

Philippe is a Board member at Guberna, a non-profit organization focusing on spreading governance best practices to private and listed companies. 

Philippe was born in Belgium in 1984 and graduated summa cum laude as a Medical Doctor in 2009 (Catholic University of Louvain). After two years of specialized practice in internal medicine, Philippe completed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Certificate in Public Management at Stanford University, CA.