Nina Levchuk

Co-Founder of Impact Force
Nina Levchuk is the co-founder of Impact Force, a pioneering Ukrainian women-led non-profit organization that focuses on social behavioural change and fosters economic opportunities. Nina is also the esteemed founder of United for Ukraine, a notable initiative dedicated to addressing Ukraine’s imminent needs for emergency relief and consolidating actions to rebuild the country. Beyond her exceptional work in the non-profit sector, Nina holds a prominent position as the Startup and Venture Capital Lead at Google Germany. She has been honoured as a Top Innovator by World Economic Forum, highlighting her contributions to solving social challenges. Her dedication to driving positive change has earned her membership in prestigious organizations such as Schwab Foundation Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship. She is a Globsec Young Leader, BMW Foundation Responsible Leader, Women in Tech Advocate and Angel Investor, utilizing her extensive knowledge and network to support promising startups and fuel innovation.