Nabil Jijakli

Group Deputy CEO, CREDENDO Export Credit Agency
Nabil Jijakli is Group Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Credendo and of Credendo – Export Credit Agency (formerly known as Delcredere | Ducroire), the Belgian Export Credit Agency, parent company of Credendo. His specific responsibilities include Sales, Business Development, Marketing and Communication, CSR, Procurement and Facility Management. 

He is member of the Boards of Directors of Credendo – Short-Term Non-EU Risks, Credendo Guarantee & Speciality Risks and of the Supervisory Board of Credendo – Short-Term EU Risks. He is also Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee Credendo – Short-Term Non-EU Risks. 

Before joining Credendo in 2010, Nabil Jijakli worked for 21 years at the National Bank of Belgium (Belgian central Bank), where in his last position he was the Secretary General of the Financial Stability Committee (2007 – 2010) during the financial crisis. He has been also responsible for the coordination of the euro introduction in Belgium (1997 – 2003) and has worked for three years as expert at the European Commission (2004 – 2007) to prepare the euro changeover in the new member states.

Nabil Jijakli is Bachelor of Political Sciences and of International Relations and Postgraduate Program in International Politics from ULB – Brussels.