Ludivine Dedonder

Belgian Minister of Defence
Ludivine Dedonder was born in Tournai on 17 March 1977. She spent her entire childhood and adolescence in the Tournai area and then went on to study management engineering at the University of Liège, which she passed with Great Distinction.

She became a logistics assistant at ULiège and then worked for the national broadcaster RTBF and Notélé (local television) as a journalist.

From 2002 to 2006, she was an advisor in the cabinet of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Walloon government Michel Daerden (PS).

In 2006, Ludivine Dedonder is running for the municipal elections in Tournai. She was elected alderman and decided to devote herself fully to local politics. She subsequently became President of the Ipalle intermunicipal association.

In 2010, a happy event awaits Ludivine Dedonder as she becomes the mother of her little son Oscar.

Following the 2019 federal elections, Ludivine Dedonder was elected Member of Parliament and joined the House of Representatives. In the aftermath, she continued her investment in politics and became co-president of the Socialist Federation of Wallonia Picardy.

Since 1 October 2020, she holds the position of Minister of Defence. She is also the first woman to hold this position.