15 Лис 2023

Kyiv Investment Forum 2023:
Brussels Platform, A European Initiative to Shape Kyiv’s Future

In the 8th Kyiv Investment Forum: Brussels Platform, influential speakers will come together to address challenges arising from recent conflicts and chart Kyiv's course towards global economic integration. As Kyiv navigates through the horrors of the war, the unwavering support from the European community takes center stage.

The European Union stands firm in fortifying Ukraine's resilience, deploying a wide range of financial, humanitarian, and military support. This year's narrative places a spotlight on long-term strategies, championing sustainable recovery and development. The overarching objective is to firmly entrench Kyiv within the intricate fabric of the European economy.

This European commitment, fortified through city-to-city collaborations, robust partnerships, and institutional aid, signifies more than mere assistance to Ukraine. It's a testament to the continent's vision of a united, integrated Europe where every city, Kyiv included, thrives, resonating with shared values and mutual aspirations.

Scheduled for November 16th, 2023, in Brussels, the Kyiv Investment Forum: Brussels Platform unveils “Sustainable Revival of Greater Kyiv" The forum promises the mix of city leaders, esteemed European and Ukrainian policymakers, government representatives, leading economists, investors, and changemakers. The mission is to harness collective European wisdom and city-to-city collaboration for the holistic betterment of Kyiv.

The keynote session will center on Europe's changing geopolitical landscape and the growing importance of metropolises. It will address the challenges caused by conflicts and wars in urban regions, emphasizing the value of sustainable development and the integration of war-affected communities into broader development initiatives. Additionally, the session will explore strategies for building resilience in megacities, underlining the adaptive approaches required to address the unique challenges and opportunities of urban environments.

The keynote session will be followed by four panel discussions and two breakout sessions to give profound answers for both in- and post-war challenges. The first panel will bring together mayors from Kyiv, the City of Brussels and other European cities and will focus on revitalizing Greater Kyiv through city-to-city cooperation, stressing the significance of international municipal collaboration and impactful peer-to-peer projects. The panel will examine the efforts, already made and those yet to be implemented to boost the city's ability to absorb, recover, and prepare for future shocks.

The second panel will break down the role of decentralization in promoting fair and sustainable development and look into ways to boost investment in Greater Kyiv for its ongoing progress. They'll use Kyiv as an example, showcasing the benefits and tactics of decentralization in driving local development and economic growth.

The third panel will dive into investments for sustainable change. They'll cover crucial areas like building impactful business hubs and innovative clusters, setting smart priorities for Greater Kyiv, using innovative funding models for game-changing investments, and rallying private finance for post-war recovery projects.

The last but not the least panel discussion titled “Building Sustainable People-Centered Metropolis: Empowering Post-Conflict Communities” will dive deep into various challenges, focusing on the role of women, mental health, community integration, and food security. The panel will discuss the creation of a comprehensive service ecosystem, spotlighting clever solutions for community well-being and revealing strategies not just for quick fixes, but for building long-term strength and harmonious amalgamation of these communities into Kyiv's urban matrix.

In addition to the main program, two breakout sessions will be organized. The first one will provide an analysis on a macroeconomic forecast for Ukraine & Kyiv recovery 2023-2030, looking at investment transparency and other post-war risks. This session will dive into where Ukraine and Kyiv are headed and share strategies to build trust during Kyiv's recovery.

The second breakout session will explore the potential of using impact investments for inclusive, sustainable growth. The discussions will touch upon the global push for impact investing, the emerging social impact ecosystem in Ukraine, and how impact businesses can deliver both financial returns and positive changes for society.