Online broadcast

On November 28, the annual Kyiv Investment Forum will be held. This year it will be held in Brussels. International experts will discuss ways of the post-war economic recovery of Kyiv and reconstruction of the capital region. Ukrainians will be able to watch the discussion of experts in real time. The online broadcast will be available on the website, Youtube channel and Facebook page of the Kyiv Investment Forum 2022.

The online format of events is becoming more and more popular all over the world every year. It allows viewers to immerse themselves in the atmosphere and all the details of the event without leaving their home or any other comfortable space. Streaming is also important for all participants who want to be involved, but are unable to get to the venue.

Kyiv Investment Forum has been holding the event both in offline and online formats since several recent years. In past years, this format proved very popular, thousands of viewers joined the online broadcast.

We invite everyone who wishes to join the online broadcast of Kyiv Investment Forum 2022 via the following links: