27 Жов 2022

Kyiv Investment Forum 2021: it’s time for thecreative transformation of Greater Kyiv

International and Ukrainian investors, representatives of local governments, municipalities of European and Asian cities, experts on sustainable development and health, urbanists, and artists discussed the issues of creative transformation and new opportunities for investment-attractive industries.

"Investments are one of the locomotives of city development. Almost 60% of the investments that come to the state come to Kyiv. Our task is to interest every investor so that they have the opportunity to implement their projects and opportunities. We have many plans and interesting and promising projects that are profitable to invest in. Kyiv is open to business initiatives that help the capital to develop dynamically. So - join us! Increase the beauty and comfort of European Kyiv and increase your success!" Vitali Klitschko addressed the forum participants.

The Forum was also attended by the Mayor of Baku Eldar Azizov, the Mayor of Chisinau Ion Ceban, the City Manager of Podgorica Marjan Junčaj, and the Deputy Mayor of Krakow for Sustainable Development Jerzy Muzyk.

They noted four components for successful attraction of investments in municipal projects: stable and efficient city authorities, willingness to invest on the part of business, human capital, quality, and convenience of life in the city. During the discussion of the prospects of establishing a municipal bank, Kyiv Mayor's Advisor on Finance and Investment Sergiy Kruglik expressed his conviction that such an institution can become an effective financial instrument for controlling the city's funds and will allow accumulating significant amounts of funds for the implementation of important projects for the city.

During the Forum, experts from different countries presented successful projects of successful urban transformations, in particular: the creation of an urban forest in Madrid, the revitalization of industrial zones in Eindhoven, the development of an abandoned area around the Podgorica airport, and many others.

Environmental challenges faced by Greater Kyiv, the search for points of growth of investments in the environmental sphere and the necessary steps to return the status of one of the greenest cities in Europe to the capital of Ukraine became the top topics of the discussion panel: "Adaptation to Climate Change: Rapid Urban Development and Environmental Preservation". Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Kyiv City Council on Environmental Policy Denys Moskal noted that Kyiv is the first Ukrainian city to implement EU directives to improve air quality. "The air quality monitoring system implemented by Kyiv will allow to monitor air quality online and quickly take measures to inform residents and remedy the situation. After all, Kyiv is people, and the air is their health," - Denys Moskal said.

The experts called energy efficiency and energy modernization projects the most promising for Kyiv, stressing the importance of raising the level of environmental awareness of the residents of the capital's agglomeration. "A caring and responsible attitude to the city on the part of the authorities is the key to improving the quality of life of citizens and increasing the attractiveness of the city for private investors," said Silvia Villacañas Beades, Head of the Strategic Planning Department of the Madrid City Council.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us reassess the importance of moral and physical health, the level of immunization of the population, and the stability of the healthcare system. During the discussion panel "Sustainable Health of the Community", the speakers discussed the priority areas of sustainable health, which are taken care of by the Kyiv city authorities, international experience in this area, what are "healthy cities", as well as the role of new sports locations in the health of Kyiv residents and the importance of protecting oneself from stress. "Health issues are a top priority for the city authorities. And this is understandable because 34% of Kyiv residents consider healthcare to be a higher priority than housing and communal services, roads and public transport," said Olena Hovorova, Deputy Head of the Kyiv City State Administration on the exercise of self-government powers.

The role of creative industries in shaping the economic well-being of a modern city, the main trends in their development, success factors, and ways to increase competitiveness were discussed by the participants of the discussion panel "Creative Transformation: Codes of a New Reality". Chang Su, the founder of DMT BROS and an expert on global brands noted that the city branding is based on long-term development. It is, in particular, about the history of the city and the promotion of values.

"Kyiv has its own ready-made Kyiv Chicken culinary brand, it needs to be promoted and popularized in the world because culinary identity is an important component of the overall image of the city and the state," said chef, gastro-diplomat, ambassador of Ukrainian cuisine Yuriy Kovryzhenko. The example of the UK shows that investments in culture and creative industries return many times over. Every pound invested in creative industries brings 5 pounds in these and related industries. For example, creative enterprises in London generate 16% of the economy of the British capital.

Kyiv has decided on its smart specialization, choosing three main areas: information and communication technologies, pharmaceuticals, and creative industries. The city authorities, seeing the prospect of their development and support, promote the transformation of these industries into real drivers of qualitative changes in the city and increase the volume of investments. "Creative industries are always about people and development. About economy and innovation. About identity and globality. About tourism and the image of the city in the world. And also about the high added value created by people," summarized Vice President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine Tetiana Prokopchuk.

Also during the forum, the capital's companies presented to investors the potential of the capital region in the field of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food industry, consumer goods, logistics, high technology, public administration, entertainment, as well as chemical and light industries.